No, I didn’t grow extra limbs.

March 16, 2021, I arrive to get my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I was a little nervous. People I knew had gotten their first doze already and some were experiencing some not so fun side effects — diarrhea, fever, body aches, and some soreness around the vaccine area.

“Side effects depend on the person,” I told myself. So I turn in my paperwork, sit on the chair, and get my vaccine. Everything was very fast, very simple and not as bad as I thought. I waited 15 minutes and I felt fine. So fine in fact that I…

The science of Vaccine Development has always been a male-dominated field. But today, it is being led by women and the results are outstanding.

So what lesson do we get about the allocation of talent? Consider the history of the mRNA vaccine, which is the technological basis of both the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines, the two leading vaccine contenders for the U.S.

mRNA vaccines teach cells how to make a protein that triggers an immune system response, rather than injecting live or dead virus material. If done properly, that makes the vaccine quicker to develop, safer to use, and easier to manufacture at scale.

In addition to its upcoming role in fighting Covid-19, the mRNA vaccine platform can probably be adapted to fight other…

Mothers of victims of feminicide, trans women and approximately 16 feminist groups held a symbolic act in front of the Government Palace of the State of Mexico to speak out against gender violence and the insecurity that exists in the entity.

They carried out an alternate Cry of Independence in the name of childhood, the desired motherhood, for the historically invisible and for all the women who fight for justice in the country.

Likewise, they requested the resignation of Jorge Olvera García and Alejando Gómez Sánchez, local heads of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Mexico and the Attorney General of Justice.

The young women with green and purple bandanas performed songs and a performance to denounce the absence of a system that guarantees their rights and safety, which puts their lives at risk.

As a symbolic act, they…

“The idea arises from the need to make visible this group with greater vulnerability in this state and throughout the country, since during the COVID-19 quarantine, we have been injured and some have been left without economic support, for what the Morelos authorities have not turned to see to support them,” she detailed.

The shelter, said Cuevas, as soon as it has the place and date of opening, will provide psychological and economic support to those who come to integrate the shelter, as well as promote safe gender change in the entity, sexual and learning education, and generate a comprehensive link with LGBTQ+ civil organizations in Morelos, as well as with the authorities there.

For its part, the trans collective rejected the actions of the Morelos Prosecutor’s Office, after the murder of the LGBTQ+ activist, Javier Eduardo Pérez Hidalgo, who on August 19, was found dead, showing signs of torture and wrapped in…

It was through his new book, “A Life on Our Planet”, that Attenborough predicts a catastrophic future for humanity.

The natural world fades. The evidence is everywhere. It has happened during my life. I have seen it with my own eyes. If we do not act now, it will lead to destruction. The catastrophe will be immeasurably more destructive than Chernobyl.

Attenborough wrote.

According to his analysis, the problem is caused by the climate crisis and other factors caused by humans themselves.

We are faced with the real possibility of a sixth mass extinction, caused by human actions. …

Young adults and women are the main groups affected by depression, and this is mainly due to biological, hormonal and psycho-social factors.

Source: 9coach

In the framework of the World Day for the fight against Depression, which is commemorated on January 13, Dr. Martha Ontiveros, head of the specialization course in psychiatry at the National Institute of Psychiatry Ramón de la Fuente, said that for each man who suffers Depression there are two women with the condition.

This difference, she added, begins to appear since adolescence. In addition, biological, hormonal and psychosocial factors favor the appearance of depression in the female sex.

Physical and sexual abuse, as well as violence, which is more frequent towards women, are also risk factors for this group.


Researchers in the UK found that drinking coffee, unlike drinking water, stimulates thermogenesis and promotes the function of brown fat.

Source: Daily Express

According to the study done by the University of Nottingham in England, drinking coffee could be a good option to help you stay slim by activating the metabolism of brown fat cells, that is, those that convert nutrients into energy and generate heat.

Brown adipose tissue (BAT, or brown fat) generates heat by burning calories. In a study done on mice, results showed an increase in the speed of energy burning, reducing the amount of fat in their bodies and protecting them from diet-induced obesity.

In contrast, white fat cells are those that generate the storage of fat or energy…

The cocktail is said to have some health benefits that seem to have been kept well hidden, so long as it’s consumed in moderation.

Source: Esquire

Gin & Tonic is a very popular and easy to prepare cocktail: you only need Gin, Tonic water and ice — and well, if you want to change it up a bit, you can add fruits, herbs and even spices.

Gin is a distillate of juniper berries, a very peculiar red fruit similar to blueberries. Since the Middle Ages, Gin has been used as medicine.

Red fruits, including juniper, are recommended to maintain a balanced diet and are popular for preventing cardiovascular disease, improving blood flow and even keeping the kidneys and liver healthy.

1. Juniper berries are healthy

Gin is one of the most…

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida have developed a vaccine that may not only eliminate cancer cells permanently, but can also prevent them from developing in the first place.


From a test to a life expectancy

After discovering she had breast cancer, Lee Mercker joined the Mayo Clinic project as the first patient to receive the breast cancer vaccine.

When she was diagnosed, doctors gave Lee three options:

  • Have a lumpectomy to remove cancer cells
  • Undergo a Mastectomy to remove the breasts
  • Be part of a clinical project to obtain a vaccine that eliminates cancer cells and prevent them from returning.

Although the cancer had not spread throughout the rest of her body, and knowing that the vaccine was in the experimental phase, Lee chose to try the latter.

The treatment is very simple

The movement has been dubbed the “Glitter Revolution”, after protesters doused the Mexico City security minister in pink glitter during a protest.

Source: La Izquierda Diario

Thousands of women took to the streets of the capital for the protest marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, making it the the latest in a series of large, rowdy marches over soaring rates of femicide and rape in Mexico.

On Monday (Nov 25) windows were smashed, glass panes of bus stops and advertising billboards shattered, barricades were torn down, and a bonfire was lit. Protesters clashed with riot police on Mexico City’s main avenue to protest Mexican authorities’ failure to stop a spiral of violence against women. Messages such as “How many more need…

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